To properly attend the immediate needs of crew and their family, the company have set-up a Crew and Family Welfare Section.

Headed by the company’s long time and pioneer Port Captain, Capt. Salvador D. Salto, he will properly cater the needs of the company’s crew and its family, as follows:

a.     Wages and Allotment complaint

b.     Government and AMOSUP benefits complaint

c.     Hospitalization and Death of crew’s immediate family member

d.     Attend to family needs in case of natural disasters

e.     Family complaint to crew at any government entities

f.        Crew claims to the company (illegal dismissal, sickness and disability benefits)

g.     others

The section is billeted at the ground floor of the FSC Training Center.

As a start, the company invited wife of senior officers/engineers for a meeting, attended by at least 30 persons, to discuss the purpose of this section last January 06, 2012.


Crew family in Cebu, Davao, Iloilo and other provinces will be informed them of the existence and purpose of the section, thru mail.

With this section, we can now easily coordinate and reached to the needs of our crew’s family.

We pray and hope for the success of this section as our service and way of thanking our crew and family!