17th FSC-FJL Officers and Engineers Conference

Last February 15, 2019, FJL visited Manila for the 17th FJL Officers and Engineers Conference held at FSC Training Center.


The following company officials were present:

1. Mr. Toshiyuki Seno
    President / Chief Executive Officer
    Fukujin Kisen Co. Ltd.
2. Capt. Masafumi Shinohara
    Managing Executive Officer
    Fukujin Kisen Co. Ltd.
3. Mr. S.I An
    Kyung Yil Shipping Corp.
4. Mr. Naoto Seno
    General Manager
    Fukujin Kisen Co. Ltd.
5. Mr. D. S. Lee
    General Manager (Crew Management Dept.)
    Fukujin Kisen Co. Ltd.
6. Capt. Teruo Basaki
   Fukujin Kisen Co. Ltd -  Deputy General Manager
   Safety Superintendent Department
7. Ms. Mizuki Harada
    Manager, System Team
Fair Shiping Corporation
Capt. Won Ki Min - Chairman
Capt. Roberto Arcilla - FJL Owner's Representative
Engr. Edgar C. Baronda - President
Mr. Manuelito Bernardo - Crewing Manager 
Topic discuessed are the following:
1. Crew Sickness & Injury
2. FJL System Department
3. Safety and Navigational Discussion
4. Sharing information recent troubles on FJL fleet in 2018
        - Fatal incident in North Pacific Ocean
        - 6 days PSC detention for container ship
        - PSC detention by AMSA
5. Recent collision incident (other companies)
6. DVD - K-Line "Lesson learned from incident"
7. Briefing and de-briefing for BRT and it's checklist
8. Safety and Engine Maintenance discussion