FAIR SHIPPING CORPORATION was established on the 28th of April 1993 with the primary objective of recruiting competent & qualified Filipino crew for foreign vessels; A duly accredited institution since June 18, 1993 by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, better known as the POEA. It was on November 12, 1996 with the helping effort of our Management & Staff that we have been recognized and certified by BVQI with ISO 9001:2000 Certificate No. 154241, which is the first in Philippine Manning, and now re-certificated with ISO 9001:2008 on July 9, 2012.


FAIR Shipping Corporation set up an effective and appropriate ship manning services complying with the international standards and Philippine laws, regulation and procedures for the provision of ship manning and the seafarer to be disciplined, reliable and competent in safe operation of ship and for the protection of the environment.

FAIR Shipping Corporation shall maintain and reviews these objectives in accordance to its strategic direction and continually improve the effectiveness and suitability of Quality Management System in all activities with the following vision and mission:


To maintain its leadership as one of the finest companies that provides quality crew management with the highest consideration to safe operation and environmental protection for the existing and future generation and global competitiveness of seafarers that exceeds the satisfaction of ship owners and principals.


To continually improve our service through training and education of our crew and staff to provide a cost effective, efficient and sustainable operation and energy conservation that exceeds the expectation of our principals and for the preservation of environment.

Moreover, this quality policy statement acts as a compass in providing the direction and framework for establishing key corporate level performance measures and related improvements objective.

FAIR Shipping Corporation delegated the responsibility and authority for the supervision, maintenance and improvement of the QMS to the QMR. The QMR shall observe the implementation and review the QMS, then recommend, offer solutions and measures to the noted faults; as well as give necessary training and instruction to all Fair Shipping Corporation     staff for solving problems in the QMS. All FSC officers, staff, employees, crews and all related securities shall adhere to this policy.