News received from FAME:

Commenting on the official International Labour Organization acknowledgement that the Republic of the Philippines has formally ratified ILO Convention 185 on seafarers' identity documents, ITF seafarers section secretary Jon Whitlow said: “This is significant news. This move by the world's largest crew supply country sends a strong signal to nations worldwide that seafarers' rights to shore leave and safe transit must be respected. At the same time the intention of the convention to enhance security has also been carried forward."

News received from Brazil P&I:

To All Clubs.

Now that the Philippine Government has signed the ILO 85agreement, Philippine seafarers on vessels visiting Brazil, will be free to come and go.  This also applies to other seafarers from countries which have signed the agreement, Croatia, Russia, etc.

This is good news for Shipowners who employ Filipino seafarers aboard their ship, as no penalties will be meted against them when their vessel calls any port in Brazil.

Crew change for Filipino seafarers can now also be arranged in Brazil without difficulty

Please find list of ratified countries for ILO185, which includes the Philippines.