The sports events of the company continue to promote sportsmanship, camaraderie and cooperation to all its officers

and staffs. Its 2nd Officers and Staffs Table Tennis tournament that started last March 2011 comes to an end, as the

finals was staged last December 9, 2011. All officers and staff on the company, Fair Shipping Corp.,FSC Training

Center and Cordial Shipping, Inc., came in throng to participate in these highly anticipated finals to cheer their

favourite player and team; and, to enjoy the foods and drinks prepared by the company.


The event demonstrated the sport enthusiasm of all finalists, including the crowd who became raucously excited with the

start of the game. The event started with a modest speech from the company’s President, Mrs. Mercedita S. Sombrano,

and Vice-President, Engr. Edgar . Baronda, with a reminder on sportsmanship. And then it’s game on!


It started with the finals of the mixed doubles between Mr. Dennis Ceria and Ms. Ellen Arellano vs. Mr. Edsel Logan

and Ms. Cielo Cabaluna, won by the latter team, 3 games to 1.


                             "THE FINALIST"                                                                                "THE WINNERS"

The second game pitted was the finals between Mr. Dennis Ceria and Mr. Love Gazo vs. Capt. Wilfredo Clemente and

Mr. Edsel Logan for the Men’s Doubles.


                    “THE FINALISTS”                                                       “THE GAME”                                                         “THE WINNERS”

Mr. Ceria and Mr. Gazo won the game also 3 games to 1.

The Women’s Doubles finals is the 3rd game also won 3 games to 1 by Ms. Lenny Grace Cruzat and Ms. Joy Lingon against

Ms. Cielo Cabaluna and Ms. Divina Gracia Rojo.


               “THE QUIRKY FINALISTS”                                      “THE ODDLY GAME”                                           “THE FLIRTY WINNERS”

Then came the highly anticipated Men’s and Women’s Single finals. The Men’s Single finals was pitted between last year’s winner,

on his 3rd finals of the tournament, Mr. Dennis Ceria vs. Mr. Edsel Logan, who himself was on his 2nd finals. The game was exciting

and close and won by eventual winner Mr. Ceria, 3 games to none, to claim his 2nd Championship trophy.


                                                                                    “THE FINALISTS, GAME AND WINNER”

The Fifth and final game was the most wild and exhilarating.  The crowds’ passion and keenness on sport showed, as they wildly and

passionately cheered every point won by their favoured player. It’s a game between the midgets intimately won by Ms. Emy Reotutar on

a five setter (12-10) against Ms. Divina Gracia, that sent the crowd into oblivion cheering crazily.


              “THE SEXY FINALISTS”                                              “THE WILD GAME”                                     “THE CELEBRATING WINNER”

Congratulations to this year’s winners!  They will awarded on the company’s Christmas Party 2011. To the pretenders, it’s time to flex

your muscle and time to swing your rackets in preparation for the more enjoyous and sportly 3rd tournament in 2012. It was such a

happy and cheerful sports night filled with fun and illustration of thriving solidarity and comradeship in the company. After the game,

it was fun, fun and more fun with fooooood and drinks!