Discipline is the company motto for this year 2012.

Best services is the result of Discipline and discipline bridge goals and accomplishment.

FSC was established and dedicated to serve the ship owners and principals in the shipping business with the original motto of advance action, check and check, and concentration.  These still applies but with more emphasis to discipline.

Obedience to the principles of the company with the observance of proper ethics, and company rules and regulations makes a disciplined employee to dedicate the best services to the client.

FSC officers and staff working together with a common goal to provide the ship with knowledgeable, reliable and competent crew to accomplish each voyage of the ship in a safe, efficient and economical operation surely required discipline. 

Each FSC officers and staff shall necessarily possess obedience and discipline with promptness in time and dedication to do each function for the accomplishment of the ship’s safe operation and economical business.

Each FSC officers and staff signed a pledge of dedication to serve with honor and dignity.


And for the crew:

Discipline is a behavior of a person that shows his good qualities; by action, appearance, mind and manners.

All crew employed onboard ship shall have a goal in mind and in heart to help the ship owner accomplish each voyage of the ship in a safe, efficient and economical business. 

You must do your best now in all activities onboard in the performance of your duties and responsibilities to ensure safe and economical operations of the ship.

You depend on the ship’s business for you and your love ones at home.

You are required by IMO regulations to be knowledgeable and competent in your profession. And above all you must be a disciplined seafarer to give the best services when you are employed onboard as you have been trained.

Discipline pertains to the crew onboard by his actions and performance.




Ø  Has knowledge and competence of seafarer.

Ø  Observe and comply with the international regulations enforce onboard.

Ø  Surely gives the best and efficient performance.

Ø  Help the ship owner in the efficient ship’s operations and save himself at sea.

Ø  Shows himself with honor and dignity.

Comply with the safety policy of the company as a good follower.