The Philippine government is now very alarm on the continuing rise of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) being jailed and fined abroad due to drug trafficking and carrying pirated video materials.

This caused the government to act, as OFW’s are being jailed or meted death penalty after they were caught carrying dangerous drugs on their baggage, even they claim to have no knowledge of such items on their possession.

The government issued advisories warning all OFW’s to refrain from accepting baggage from strangers because these may contain dangerous drugs. This is the International Drug Syndicates new tactics to place illegal drugs on innocent looking baggage like shoes, books or buttons of clothing and using mules or drugs couriers.

OWWA PDOS Advisory No. 02: Warning Against Drug Trafficking

The government also gave warning to all OFW’s  to refrain from carrying pirated video materials, as just recently a Filipino seafarer has been arrested in Australia for carrying DVD’s with pornographic contents, which is subsequent to previous arrest of 2 Filipinos with the same violation.

Warning is also given for electronic devices, i.e. cellular, laptops, mp3 players and flash disks, as this were also being checked by immigration authorities for pornographic contents.

OWWA PDOS Advisory No.03: Pirated Video Materials

Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) providers, such as FSC Training Center, are being directed to include these subjects during their orientation seminars for OFW’s.