13th FJL Officers and Engineers Safety Seminar

Last October 19-20, 2017, FJL visited Manila for the 13h FJL and KYSC Officers and Engineers Safety Meeting. The following company officials were present:

1. Mr. Toshiyuki Seno 
President / Chief Executive Officer
Fukujin Kisen Co. Ltd.
2. Capt. Masafumi Shinohara
Managing Executive Officer / Designated Person # 2
Fukujin Kisen Co. Ltd.
3. Mr. S.I An
Kyung Yil Shipping Corp.
4. Capt. Takashi Senzaki
Deputy Company Security Officer  / Deputy Gen. Manager of Operation Dept.
Fukujin Kisen Co. Ltd.
5. Mr. D.S Lee
General Manager (Crew Management Dept)
Fukujin Kisen Co. Ltd.
6. Mr. Shoh
(Fukujin Kisen Co. Ltd. / Shanghai Office)
7.  Mr. Junki Murakami
( Crew Management Department )
Fukujin Kisen Co. Ltd.
8. Ms. Hwan Hee Lee
( KYSC Office staff / Participant ( Engine Department)
Kyung Yil Shipping Corp.
Fair Shipping Corporation
Capt. Won Ki Min – Chairman
Engr. Edgar Baronda – President
Manuelito Bernardo – Crewing Manager
C/E Armando Cayago – FSC Crew Team 3 Supervisor/FSCTC President
FJL Staff and Owner’s Representative 

The meeting place for a conclave as tackled and discussed the below agenda:
1. Mooring Operations and Accidents
2. Crew Health
3. Enclosed Space
4. Risk Assessment
5. Details of Past 4 kinds of Collision
6. Short loading due to Failure of Monitoring
7. Cargo Operations
1. M/E Slow Down under Pilot maneuvering. (Cape Peony)
2. M/E FO Pump Suction Valve Maintenance , Clearance Checking (one of Kline vessel)
3. F.O.Purifier Trouble and New Report Foam(Corona Nature)
4. Battery Charging Board (Corona Lions)
5. M/E Piston rod corrosion(Cape Infinity)
6. G/E Crankshaft & Crankpin damage (Henry &Harbour Bridge)
7. G/E Crankpin bearing damage &Connecting rod ovality (Alexandria Bridge)
8. M/E Liner /Piston Crown Trouble& Bunker Quality (Siva Emerald)
9. G/E LO Low pressure trip & flywheel damage by starting motor (Drake)
10. M/E Aux. Blower (Alexandria Bridge & Siva Emerald)
11. Water mixing in FO service line (Tohoku Maru)
12. M/E Alpha Lubricator (Ocean Camelot)
13. Oily Water Separator (Cape Fushen)                                                                                     
14. No.1 G/E flywheel replaced (Drake)
15. M/E L.O. 2nd filter malfunction (Frontier Voyager)
16. No. 6 Cyl. ICU fail caused by drain pipe block (Alexandria Bridge) 
17. Mono Rail Crane Trouble (Harbour Bridge)
18. M/E L.O. Pump Motor Burnt (Vechio Bridge)
19. Off Spec. Bunker AL-SI (Corona Lions)
20. Cant Increase M/E RPM (Cape Liberty)
21. F.O. Injector Malfunction (Harbour Bridge)
22. FIVA valve Malfunction (Henry Hudson Bridge)
23. Purifier Bowl Rental (Harbour Bridge)
24. Life Boat Battery ( Ikan Kedewas)
25. Cylinder Cut Off Study ( FJ Star)
26. Yanmar Diesel Engine presentation