10th FJL and KYSC Officers and Engineers Safety Meeting in Manila



10th FJL and KYSC Officers and Engineers Safety Meeting in Manila

Last October 18-20, 2016, FJL and KYSC visited Manila for the 10th FJL and KYSC Officers and Engineers Safety Meeting. The following company officials were present:

Fukujin Kisen Co., Ltd.

Mr. Toshiyuki Seno – President

Capt. Masafumi Shinohara – DP Senior Managing Executive Director

Mr. Seung IL An – KYSC President

Capt. Koji Shirakawa – GM Safety Superintendent Dept

Mr. Naoto Seno/ DGM Corporate Planning Dept

Mr. Dae Sin Lee – FJL – KYSC Director

Mr. C. Shoh – DGM FJL Shanghai Office

Mr. Haobin Zhang – FJL Shanghai Office

Capt. Emmanuel Gloria, Jr. – GM/ Representative/ FJL Manila Office

Mr. Yasuhiko Yamamoto – Deputy General Manager Ship Management Group 2


Fair Shipping Corporation

Capt. Won Ki Min – Chairman

Engr. Edgar Baronda – President

Manuelito Bernardo – Crewing Manager

C/E Armando Cayago – FSC Crew Team 3 Supervisor/FSCTC President


Furthermore, meeting held last October 20, 2016, at Fair shipping Corporation Training Center. The speakers are from Japan P & I (JPI) are Capt. Takuzo Okada, Mr. Shosuke Shimomura and Mr. Yoji Tanaka. A total of 38 crew attended, 33 from FSC and 5 from Eastgate Maritime Corporation.


The meeting place for a conclave as tackled and discussed the below agenda:

1)      Emergency Response in case of collision (Japan P & I Club)

2)      Shipping Trends

3)      Operational Issues

4)      Fresh reminder system

5)      Engine Department (Trouble study)

·         M/E slow down under Pilot maneuvering (Cape Peony)

·         M/E FO Pump Suction Valve Maintenance, Clearance checking (one of Kline vessel)

·         F.O. Purifier Trouble and new report foam (Corona Nature)

·         Battery Charging Board (Corona Lions)

·         M/E Piston rod corrosion (Cape Infinity)

·         G/E Crankshaft & Crankpin damage (Henry Hudson Bridge, Harbour Bridge, Alexandria Bridge)

·         G/E LO Low pressure TRIP & BLACK OUT (Drake)

·         Water fixing in FO service line (Tohoku Maru)

·         M/E Alpha Lubricator (Ocean Camelot & Vecchio Bridge)

                                ·           Oily Water Separator (Cape Fushen)