New Year, it is the beginning of a huge task that lies ahead for all shipping companies but it also promises positive outlook towards greater heights.

The previous year has caused a great deal of panic and confusion into the whole business industry, but it is fortunate that most shipping companies remain afloat despite the struggles and surely have conquered 2010 depression.

Although most companies are still under the recovery from the depression, it is slowly being undertaken with high expectations for a better year 2012.

As Fair Shipping Corp. advances and embarks on to year 2011, we take the challenge of renewing our vision and commitment to our Shipowners and Principals.

Fair Shipping Corp. takes on a new mandate for year 2011 its commitment to provide it’s clientele “High Quality Service”

The company’s officers and staff play a vital role in the realization of such mandate, thus FSC takes on the challenge to be more efficient and effective in our respective task.

It is a must for FSC to maintain our good experienced ex-crews as well as to upgrade our standards into sourcing and producing more efficient, competent and educated seafarers for the satisfaction of our Shipowners and Principals.

For our seafarers, FSC ensures it’s commitment to a more friendly but professional approach to their needs. It’s a must to provide them with “High Quality Service” in the remittances of their allotments, to provide assistance in their accommodations in the FSCTC Penthouse. We will continue to provide them with better education thru means of training. They will be reassured of the latest refresher courses, such as, Bridge Simulator, Engine Simulator, Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Welding and lathe Machine, ECDIS, etc.

FSC moves forward with the company’s goal to have a high awareness, concentration into checking every task in advance to provide “High Quality Service”.

This year's company motto is the sole of idea or our Honorary Chairman, Capt. Byung Hoo Min, to upgrade the company's service to our Owners/Principals with which all officers and staffs promised to pursue effectively and efficiently.

“Check and Check, Everything in Advance and Concentration!!!”