The President of Fukujin Kisen Co., Ltd., Ehime, Japan, Mr. Toshiyuki Seno, one of Japan’s major shipowners, made courtesy call to the company on February 18, 2011.

He visited the company for a New Year’s greeting with Mr. Shinichiro Nanjo and Mr. Makoto Wada, FJL managers.

Fukujjin Kisen currently owned/managed more than 30 vessels, with majority manned by Filipino seafarers.  Their vessels composed of bulk carriers (cape size, panamax and handymax), container carriers (4,000-8,000 teus), woodchip carriers, log/bulk carriers and tankers, trading worldwide and operated by major shipping companies in Japan.

With the majority of their owned vessels manned by Filipino crew, it is a fitting for Mr. Seno to visit the country to see the current manning situation in the Philippines.

He rightly suggests that for the Filipino crew to maintain the manning of the majority of vessels around the world and Japan, we must supply highly qualified, competent and well experienced crewmembers.  He also mentioned the importance of training for ship’s safety, especially for officers, so bridge team management training is a must.

According to Mr. T. Seno, their company continues to trust and believe the capability of Filipino seafarers, well above seafarers of other South East Asian countries and even China.  And, with their incoming five (5) new delivery vessels this year 2011, it will all be manned by combination of Korean Senior Officers from our Principals, Kyung Yil Shipping, Inc. and the company’s Filipino Junior Officers and rating crew.

We appreciate for the trust and confidence of Mr. Seno to Filipino seafarers and for the additional vessels that he promised to be manned by our Filipino crew.  It will give better and brighter opportunities to Filipino  seafarers, Philippine manning industry and will boast the country’s economy.

More power to Fukujin Kisen Co., Ltd., its management and more vessels to come..!!