Effective Communication Workshop

To start with the 3rd Quarter Activities, last July 29, 2017, FAIR Group of Companiesorganized Effective Communication Workshop conducted by Ms. Jenny Racca and Ms. Marina Saldana in partnership with the Competitiveness Bureau (CB) is an agency attached to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).



The management believes that, Effective Communication is to equip the employees with the criticalcommunication skills necessary in everyday business dealings. With this, we are developing the employees to be productive with quality results work output based on how they properly communicate.

The workshop is a fun learning experienced to all employees.

To fully understand how communication is vital, there was a group discussion for brain storming on the expectation for the effective communication.




To make more fun the workshop the was an energizer.



One of the most important discussions as well the workshop exercises was the non-verbal communication, it’s a skill to develop that non-verbal has broad meaning depend on the person interpretation.

Anyone who wants to improve their professional performance through a better knowledge of body language and non verbal communication.