As an answer to the hard time of recruitment of Filipino marine officers and engineers this decade, our Principals, Fukujin Kisen Co., Ltd. Of imabari, Japan have join the trend of recruiting scholars from the Philippine’s premier maritime school, the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA). This year, a total of 5 cadets, 1 Deck and 4 Engine, have been graduated by the company, from the total of six (6) that have been previously onboard FJL’s fleet vessels as junior cadets from 2008-2009. As soon as their graduation rites will be finished this May 2010, they will be taking their licensure examination at the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC), to finalize their goal of belonging the best marine officers and engineers in the Philippines. Once their license and training certificates are completed, they will be joining as senior cadets in our Fukujin Kisen fleet vessels, and will become proud officers after another three (3) months onboard training. These newly graduating cadets of the company and Fukujin Kisen Co., Ltd., are the second batch of PMMA cadets, after their seniors, batch 2009 graduates of 7 Deck and 4 Engine, who have now become officers and engineers of the FJL fleets. Our other Principal’s Eastern Car Liner, Sansho Kaiun Co., Ltd., and Excel Marine Co., Ltd., also employed PMMA graduates of Batch 2009, who are either still on 3 months training onboard or are now proud marine officers and engineers. The company together with Fukujin Kisen Co., Ltd., continuous its pledge to help Philippine seafaring industry by developing and increasing Filipino officers and engineers and has another batch of 8 PMMA cadets scholars, 6 Deck and 2 Engine onboard for shipboard training and who will be graduating in year 2011; and, another 10 PMMA cadets scholars, 5 Deck and 5 Engine, will be boarding as junior cadets this year and will graduate in 2012. Congratulations to PMMA Batch 2010 and may you make the Philippine seafaring industry proud!