24th Fair Shipping Corporation Anniversary

Fair Group of Companies goes south as to celebrate the 24th Fair Shipping Corporation Founding Anniversary held at the Canyon Woods Resort Club, Laurel Batangas dated June 24-25, 2017.


Upon arrival at the Canyon Woods Club Resort, AM Snack was served, before checked in their group room assignment.


Everyone are excited for the first mini fair Olympics. The program started at 1:30pm. The master ceremony of this part was Ms. Rhodora Fabellon and Mr. Manuelito Bernardo.


The highlighted on this program was the parade of the two teams, White and Black.

The Team White headed by Capt. Wonki Min and C/E Armando Cayago with their team muse Ms. Mercedita Sombrano.

The black team headed by Engr. Edgar Baronda and Capt. Renato Clitar with their team muse Ms. Celia Rosario.


As we formally open the program, we started with a word of Prayer. Led by Ms. Mercedita Sombrano and followed by the National Anthem, Lupang Hinirang Led by Ms. Rhoda Fabellon.

C/O Alberto Calimbahinled the Oath of Sportsmanship.  Olympics inspired, there was a fun torch run by Capt. Arturo Plaza, transferred to Capt. Renato Clitar, C/E Armado Cayago, Engr. Edgar Baronda and Capt. Wonki Min to open the Fair Group of Companies mini Olympics.

For their remarkable anniversary speeches of the following top management represented their lead company.

Capt. Renato Clitar for Cordial Shipping Inc., C/E Armando Cayago for FSC Training Center, Engr. Edgar Baronda, Fair Shipping Corp. and Capt Wonki Min Chairman of the Board Fair Shipping Group of Companies. 

An ideal organization is always characterized by its distinctive approach on how to balance and value the holistic being of its working constituents. The management is supportive not only on enhancing the working competence of our employees but also on fostering a healthy climate within the organization; there is a call for unity and oneness as One Team, Happy and Safety.

As what the program main objective, We have to be one. To foster unity and to uplift the spirit of teamwork across and among other groups.


The Fair Group of Companies mini Olympics formally open with free match handshake of two teams.

Schedules of Games

2:00 – 2:30pm Giant Volleyball

2:30 – 3:00pm Trolley

3:00 - 400pm PM Snack

4:00 - 4:30 hanging rope transverse

4:30 - 5:00 Drum Filler


The battle of the two teams (White and Black), Team black won for the first two set of games, the Giant Volleyball and the Trolley.

There was a short rest for the pm snack served at the pavilion.

After the break, the mini Olympics continued for hanging rope transverse and Drum Filler.


For the hanging rope transverse, again the Black team won and drum filler, white team won. Overall, The Black Team is the Champion. After the mini Olympics everyone coordinated on their respective groupings. Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 for the night presentation.


The most awaited for this event is the evening event, the Presentation of 3 groups and the awarding ceremonies. Beforehand, the dinner served by a Boodle Fight meal style experienced. A Traditional Filipino Food served, on banana leaves. After the dinner, the second part of the program continued. The Group 1, 2 and Group 3 presentation.


The panel of Judges headed by our Chairman, Capt. Wonki Min and assisted by FSC President, Engr. Baronda, FSCTC President, C/E Armadno Cayago and CSI President, Capt. Renato Clitar.

The criteria for Judging: 50%  for Uniqueness
                                            20% for Audience Impact; and,
                                            30% for Judge Judgement
                                            Total score of 100%


Raffle draw was also part of the evening event, there was 15 minor raffle from the generosity the officers: Founding Chairman, Chairman, Directors, President, Stockholder, and 3 major prizes from the third party provider Morellia, RCBC and International Diagnostic Center.

At last, the awarding ceremonies as awarded for the Champion and 1st runner up for the mini fun Olympics. The 1st place was awarded to Team White and Champion for the Team Black. But, wait there’s more,  fun awarding for the team muses. Team White muse, Ms. Mercedita Sombrano and Team Black muse, Ms. Celia Rosario are both awarded best must of the year. As awarding ceremony continues, the Group Presentation, Team coordination and most importantly everyone contributed their effort and they put their hearts in their performances.

Group 1 awarded 1st place, Group 3, awarded the 2nd place for their dance presentation.

Group 2 won as the Champion for their lazy dance.


Of course, after the awarding, everyone was requested to stand up and sing the “Unity Song”……… THROUGH THE YEARS it was very important that, as a team, promotes camaraderie all year round and shows appreciation to one another.  Followed the fireworks display.

On the following day, June 25, 2017, there was an exclusive tour in the resorts club.


At the end of the tour, everyone enjoyed the swimming.