Through the initiative of Toyofuji Shipping Co., Ltd., TF Logistics, Inc. was established in 2003 to complement its various shipping activities. It was primarily intended to provide clients with complete logistics service specializing in the transportation of imported CBU vehicles from port of discharge to client’s designated destination. In only a matter of two years, the company has acquired the expertise in the field of car transportation that it instantaneously earned the respect and confidence of its clients reflected in the increased volume of CBUs being handled each year and its growing number of clients. Realizing the company’s potential and the need to foster a global image it was re-named to TF Logistics Philippines, Inc. The new name combines the strength of its already proven capacity and good reputation with enhanced policies aimed at bringing TFLP in the forefront as an internationally recognized car transportation specialist.

OUR VISION - To be a world-class logistics company specializing in car transportation that will set the industry standard of excellence, reliability and efficiency in giving quality transport services to clients.

OUR MISSION - TFLP is committed to deliver each car with utmost care and diligence through innovative, cost-effective and strategic logistics approach that will ensure total customer satisfaction while adhering to the concept of competence, competitiveness, and genuine concern for the welfare of its employees, the community and all its stakeholders.

OUR QUALITY POLICY - Operating on the core principles of distinction, dependability and integrity, TFLP guarantees no less than the best service by consistently upholding the company’s zero-damage standard on every transaction not to mention the additional security via comprehensive insurance policy covering all its deliveries. And to assure optimum performance, the entire transport procedure is done under the supervision of expert personnel backed by Japanese-trained and highly skilled drivers who make sure that all cars will reach its destination in perfect condition. At TF Logistics Philippines, Inc. everything is carefully planned, well secured and professionally managed.



TF Logistics Philippines, Inc. is capable of providing a whole range of premium logistics service as follows:

- Car Carrier Service

- PDI & Yard Operations


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Tel. Nos.: [632] 526-7283
Fax Nos.: [632] 310-0817