FAIR Shipping Korea Co., Ltd.

FAIR Shipping Korea Co., Ltd.


FAIR SHIPPING KOREA CO., LTD. is a crew manning agency based in Busan, Korea, established on the 11th day of July, 2007.

Fair Shipping Korea, a affiliate of Fair Shipping Corp. in Manila, Philippines, provides highly qualified, competent, well trained, reliable and well established Korean officers onboard all kinds of ocean-going vessels worldwide. We supply Korean officers together with well trained Filipino officers and crew from Fair Shipping Corp., Manila.  And, for our chemical tanker vessels, with well trained Myanmar officers and crew from our representative office in Yangon, Myanmar.


We aim to cater the seafaring needs of all types of vessels worldwide in accordance to the standards of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), complying with the international maritime law and environmental safety. With our strategic educational and training methods and winning attitude, we are determined to supply the world with well motivated Korean seafarers outfitted with proper training, good education, strong will and determination and strength to keep abreast with rapid phase of the worldwide maritime industry. With our highly skilled officers and staff, we will provide our principals with devotion and trustworthiness with the highest level of consideration.


FAIR SHIPPING KOREA CO., LTD. provides crew for all types of ocean-going vessels, such as chemical tankers, RO-RO, pure car carriers, reefer carriers, LPG tankers, container vessels, bulk carrier and others.

Fair Shipping Korea Co., Ltd., also provides cost efficient crew handling in all Korean ports. It is a duly licensed ship and crew handling agents by the Korean government.



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1. MT Chemway Gaia
2. MT Galaxy Sambu
3. MT Sunrise Sabu
4. MT DL Diamond
5. MT Eastern Fortune
6. MT Hanyang Ace
7. MT Cosmo Busan
8. MT Pretty Hana
9. MT Fine Hana
10. MT Chem Tansia
11. MT Chemroad Dita
12. MT Pacific Sambu
13. MT Sun Iris
14. MT DL Ace
15. MT Eastern Dandy
16. MT Cosmo Glory
17. MT Ocean Ace No. 3
18. MT Golden Han
19. MT Towdah Hana

BULK CARRIER (Ship's Name)

1. MV Inter Prime
2. MV SN Harmony
3. MV Asian Great


1. MV Queen Ace

RO - RO (Ship Name)

1. MV Millennium Falcon

Company Full Style: 

6F, KT Busan Main Communication Center,

72, Chungjang-Daero 5 Beon-Gil, Jung-gu, Busan Korea

Telephone No.: (8251) 468-1818

Fax No.: (8251) 468-5353