“Assessment is key to maintaining a standard and quality shipboard related engineering maintenance and repair work in your workforce”.

FSCTC … administer a one-day “TRADE-QUALIFYING-TEST” in our workplace environment, where the “SUPERVISOR and the QUALIFIER” will come to one-on-one and/or face-to-face encounter during WELDING operations, also save you time and money by identifying workers who test out of courses and pinpointing those who need more training.

•    Prior to taking the welding trade testing, the qualifier will also receive proper instructions in all subject areas where he should be tested and met all the minimum standard performance criteria as stated in the “Welding Evaluation Test Sheet” for passing the test and for employability readiness.

•    SAFETY and WELL-BEING of the CREW, of the SHIP and HER CARGO  and of the ENVIRONMENT… is FSCTC Training Centers’ first and foremost PRIORITY, therefore, the qualifier will continue to observe safety BEFORE, DURING and AFTER welding operations while undergoing trade testing

•    Also, FSCTC Employability Evaluation Trade Test are designed to evaluate your trainees’ knowledge to ensure that your maintenance team is performing to a common set of standards. Some trainees may be able to “test out” certain parts of your program, saving both time and money in the program. But still other trainees will learn that they know less than they thought about certain subjects, providing a benchmark to begin training on these critical subjects