Course Duration : 3 Days

Course Description:

The solid basis for practical basic and further education. Training package TP 501 contains only purely hydraulic control systems.

TP 501, Basic Level is suitable for basic training in hydraulic control technology and imparts knowledge of the basic physical principles of hydraulics, as well as the function and use of hydraulic components.

Procedures to ensure safety of maintenance personnel and prevent damage to machine will be covered. Symbols will be compared to the physical components. Location of components in a hydraulic system and proper adjustment procedures will be identified. Hands-on exercises will reinforce location, proper component connections, and effects of adjustments on system operation. Elimination of leaks by proper fitting selection and installation will be discussed. Significance of fluid cleanliness to system longevity and techniques to minimize ingression of contaminants will be presented. 75% is hands-on.

Target group:

ALL Engineer Officers

All personnel involved with the design, installation, maintenance, operation and servicing of industrial pneumatic equipment and basic control systems.

Previous Knowledge: General Engineering Knowledge