The Cordial Shipping, Inc.’s esteemed Principals, Eastern Car Liner, Ltd. with its subsidiary ECL Shipmanagement Co., Ltd. recently held a successful 2-day Safety & H.R. (Human Relationship) Seminar at FSC Training Center on 21st-22nd May, 2014, conducted by Mr. K. Iwata, Mr. N. Takatera and Mr. H. Kato, General Managers from ECLSM with Capt. Renato Clitar and C/E Rene Maglana.


From the year 2014, the Cordial Shipping, Inc. would like to continue to attain progress and quality to properly and appropriately service its Owners and Principals

To achieve this goal, the company elects its new President, Admiral Fidel E. Dinoso, an educator and former President of the Philippines premier maritime school, the PMMA.


The trust and confidence of our Korean Owners/Principals to Filipino seafarers continuous to grow.  This is because of the professionalism and good

seamanship of our seafarers.


The Fair Shipping Corporation, Fair Shipping Family, its Foreign Owners and Principals and Crew wishes to express its deepest sympathy to the Filipino people for the lost it

suffered from the Typhoon Yolanda.



Eastern Car Liner, Inc. (ECL) of Japan, Cordial Shipping, Inc’s joint venture company, made true their promise to give more vessels to CSI.