6 Weeks

MTC Accredited



The Management Level Course (MLC 7.01) for Marine Deck Officers is essentially a compliance to the requirement of regulation II/2 of the STCW 1978 Convention as amended 1995, which among others requires that every candidate for certification to the management level responsibility shall have completed an approved education and training.


This course is aimed to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the deck officers and enhance their competency toward safe operation of ships and the protection of the environment.


With the peculiar Philippine System of Maritime Education and Training the conduct of Management Level Course shall have the authority and accreditation of the Maritime Training Council to farther serve the needs of the shipping industry.


The whole programmed are copse of 3 Functions:


Function I – Advance Navigation                                                        2 weeks

Function II- Advance Cargo Handling                                               2 weeks

Function III- Advance Shipboard Operation and Management    2 weeks